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K.Grace Bio

K.Grace officially launched in 2010, however, has been in the making for many years prior.

During the financial crisis, the trend shifted from fast fashion (buying throw away items each season) to simplifying and buying quality items when you need them and keeping them for several seasons. This is the philosophy that K.Grace embodies with each collection.

We design with YOU (the “every woman”) in mind. In our collections, you will find sturdy staples with intricate details. Wear K.Grace from the office to the playground. You can be confident that we understand your lifestyle. We know that you are a busy, feminine woman who recognizes the importance of value.  You are not overly influenced by trends, but instead feel empowered to make fashion choices based on your own individual style. You non-provocatively stand out from other women in your neighborhood, your children’s school, at church, and at work. You are connected to a higher power, respect your body and believe in taking care of the world around you. This is why, with K.Grace you can expect:

  • High Quality. Each piece is constructed using premium, sustainable, and eco-friendly materials.
  • Peace of Mind. All clothing is crafted exclusively in fair-trade facilities.
  • Simplicity. Worry-free online checkout, friendly returns.

Designer Bio

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Kamilah Grace Cole comes from a line of women who were avid sewers and quilters. Kamilah's middle name of Grace came from her great-grandmother, Grace, whom she admired her work ethic (and quilts!) very much. Kamilah attended Brigham Young University and studied Psychology. Upon graduation, she moved to Washington, DC, while her love for fashion continued to grow and she knew it was now or never. In 2005, she moved to New York City to attend the top design school in the country, Parsons School of Design. Upon completion, she interned and worked at various small fashion houses, including Mara Hoffman and LP&P by Catherine Fung.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of waste in the fashion industry. So, while she loved fashion, she knew she didn’t want to be a part of that aspect of it. From her roots as a member of the Earth Club in high school, she founded a company based on ideals that she is passionate about. And thus, K.Grace was born. Kamilah lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband Dereck and daughter Laila Santana.

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